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Hi, I'm Binwen, in Chinese my name is 斌文.

I am currently a college student and have been immersed in the world of computer science since 2020, focusing on honing my programming and software development skills. My passion lies in developing elegant and efficient solutions for complex problems.

I have amassed substantial practical experience in the Spark technology stack.




I am passionate about contributing to the open-source community, having made multiple contributions to well-known projects such as Ant Design.

Additionally, I have developed and maintained lots of open-source projects, which have been successfully published on github.



I am keen on sharing knowledge as well as writing articles and tutorials regularly, covering Spark,Docker, K8S source-code, CSS, and animation.

My articles have been read over 15,000 times. I primarily I primarily wrote in Chinese, but currently, my goal is to write articles in English.


I am currently studying at Wuhan University, majoring in Computer Science.

I have a solid foundation in computer science and have taken courses in data structures, algorithms,operating systems, and computer networks.